Call 03 8804 1377
Call 03 8804 1377

A Unique Service

When you meet Jillian you will find that you will be listened to and your needs taken into account. Jillian will assess your needs and then use her vast network of contacts to find the best accommodation options. She will liaise with the facilities you have chosen to advocate your placement on a Wait List. She can help you with the paperwork and communicates regularly so you know what is happening at all times. She is efficient and caring, saving you time, disappointments and hassles.

“When decisions which impact heavily on a loved one's future have to be made quickly, it is great to have a professional take on that responsibility - I would highly recommend Jillian Slade as the perfect agent for this process.”
Di McKenzie

Where required, you will be accompanied by Jillian, or one of her team, to assess the Aged Care facilities, or if being transferred from a hospital, liaise with the relevant hospital staff. Jillian is able to make an objective assessment of facilities and always works in the best interest of her clients.

Jillian supports spouses, family members or Powers of Attorney in their responsibility to find the most appropriate facility and can provide Case Management for the relocation of elderly relatives from interstate or overseas. Working within the allocated budget, Jillian successfully negotiates costs to her client’s advantage.

Full Placement Service

Jillian and her team will assist you, your family member or client to find the most appropriate accommodation, assist with paperwork, advocate you on the waitlist, support the transition to the facility and visit you (family member or client) once in the facility to ensure everything is going smoothly.

Placement Process –

  • Meet at a place of your choosing to discuss your needs.
  • Explain the aged care process and costs.
  • Find out your most important accommodation needs.
  • Work to your timeframe.
  • Remain in regular contact.
  • Provide a list of appropriate facilities.
  • Make personalised appointments at facilities.
  • Assist with all necessary paperwork.
  • Manage the ongoing wait listing process.
  • Referrals to reputable financial planners or estate and property services.
  • Assist in admission for a smooth transition.

Note: Special rate for couples.